By Tamee Ryan


Hamilton County commissioners heard from a concerned citizen Tuesday morning regarding lack of support for the county sheriff’s department.

Christy Segit noted a decline in infrastructure and the need for a strong, well-supported sheriff’s department.

“I am not a proponent of unnecessary taxation,” Segit said, “but we are losing a foothold. I have concerns for the children growing up in this community.

“The 9-1-1 system is antiquated. There’s no follow-through with calls, and the phone system should have been replaced a long time ago. We are so far behind,” she said.

“I ask of you, if we don’t support our law enforcement officers the way they should be supported, are we any different from the big cities?”

There were no budget amendments or line item transfers, and the consent agenda was approved, including bills submitted for $47,587.82.

County auditor Kent Reeves gave a financial status update.

“Cash in bank and investments are at $3,352,000 and revenue to date we are $660,000 over expenditures,” said Reeves.

One certificate of continuing education was submitted and the court approved the renewal for bond for deputy sheriff Ray Dale Miller. They also approved bond and deputation for deputy sheriff William Chris Blanton.

Commissioners voted to distribute unclaimed property capital credits in the amount of $3046.01 evenly between Hico EDC, Hamilton EDC and Evant Municipal Development District, as they had previously done in 2014.

Commissioner Johnny Wagner was reappointed to a two-year term as Hamilton County’s representative on the solid waste advisory committee.

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