The City of Hamilton has closed the Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department training room because of black mold.

City Administrator Pete Kampfer, Police Chief Robert McGinnis and HVFD board president James Thompson met Friday and discussed testing the building for mold.

“We were notified of the presence of mold,” Kampfer said, “so we needed to vacate the building until it is abated by a certified professional.

“At this time, we ask that the building be vacated until it is abated,” he said.

“It’s an unfortunate situation,” Thompson said. “The city council and fire department are working closely, and they have been a great support trying to accommodate us.”

Kampfer said that the equipment and truck bays are not affected by the mold issue and are safe for firefighters to use.

“There is no harm or jeopardy of safety to firemen using the bay area,” he said. “The suits and equipment are OK, and the only area vacated was a training area.”

Kampfer said firemen who need to retrieve items from the area will not be denied access.

The officials said there is no timeline for the abatement, which will cost several thousands of dollars and require deconstruction of some areas of the building.

“It is a non-necessity area for the function of the fire department,” Kampfer said.

“We hope to get it resolved as soon as possible and return to normal operations and do what we do,” Thompson said. “For now, we are still operating out of the bay side, answering calls and all. You can still call 911 for fire emergencies, and we will be there.”

Fire Chief Paul Gomez said that anyone with items to drop off at the fire station can call him or any other officer to make arrangements.

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