By Duane Cowart


Cunningham Post 222


One millennium. That’s how long 100 years is. 

When one thinks of 100 years, or a millennium, what comes to mind?  How much have things changed in this time span? What has remained steadfast as a tradition or has been passed down from one generation to another?

These are some of the things you can and should ask yourself from time to time about different subjects in life. 

One tradition that was started as a celebration and now is a remembrance of those who died and served our country defending our way of life, our freedoms we cherish so much, is the anvil shoot on Nov. 11, at 5 a.m. every year. 

From the original blacksmith who shot the anvils as a way of celebrating the end of hostilities for World War I, to veterans who still continue to serve, just serving their community now.

100 years.

That’s how long Cunningham Post 222, American Legion has been honoring our fallen and all those who have served in every war since WWI.

Come join us this Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, as we continue to uphold this tradition.

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