By Caleb Shaffer


Living where I do, on a little farm on the outskirts of town, I do occasionally stumble into events that some may call “newsworthy”. Between Steve the Billy goat, and Roemer, my clumsy canine companion, my life is kept out of the realm of normalcy when I’m at home. This week I’ll share one of my stories from the farm: the snake in the henhouse.

By Maria Weaver


Being under the proverbial “bus” is tolerable as long as nothing leaks and the wheels aren’t moving.

There’s plenty of space under there for a short gal like me, and after almost 40 years in the newspaper business and hearing, “It’s the paper’s fault,” I’m sort of used to it.

By Tamee Ryan


A heated discussion about millennials ensued Tuesday morning at the HHN office. Turns out, Ma was right when she called me a millennial.

Middle-Aged Clerk Turns to Robbing Trains


By Bartee Haile


On Aug. 23, 1892, a Gainesville newspaper confirmed the rumored death of a local politician turned train robber.

Eugene Franklin Bunch did not fit the stereotype of the late 19th century outlaw. He was not an illiterate saddle tramp nor a trigger-happy sociopath but the well-educated son of a Mississippi planter. So why did he chose a life of crime at the age of 43?

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