Hamilton square is about to get something it hasn’t had in about a century.


Brandee Paschal has purchased the old Pecan Creek Inn building on the west side of the square and will put in a bar and eventually a brewery.


The building will need extensive renovation, and Paschal said it will be at least a year before she is able to open.


Because of the work, which will include a new roof and re-mortar of the north wall, the alleyway behind the west side businesses will be closed from time to time.


“It’s unavoidable, it’s a safety issue, and I apologize in advance,” Paschal said. “We will get the equipment in and work as fast as we can.”


When the alley is closed, she suggests motorists who need services at Studio on the Square or Jordan Pharmacy’s drive-thru use the fire hall parking lot as a temporary route to bypass the construction equipment.


When it is completed, Paschal plans to serve beer and wine and “bar-type” food like rings and wings, possibly pizza, soups and sandwiches. She plans to be open on the weekends for lunch and dinner and weekdays in the evenings only.


Work has already begun, and it is a construction zone, so visitors are asked to refrain from entering until the renovation is complete.


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