By Tamee Ryan



The Hamilton County Commissioners heard from those in opposition to windfarms and conducted regular business Tuesday morning.

Bret Wilkerson of Evant thanked the court for their time and it’s courtesy throughout the process.

“In a situation where there are two solid opposing sides, there are more visceral, emotional responses about God, family and property. This is so important to us,” Wilkerson stated.

“Evant ISD has turned down wind turbines twice. They have been pretty frank about the situation. This project will harm our lives as citizens. We don’t want this done to us. We are publicly stating that this harms us, it harms Fort Hood, the school district it affects the most says it harms them. We want to go back to being neighbors.”

Calvin Friedrich also spoke on behalf of Save Our Heritage.

The court ok’d minor budget amendments, just “end of year housekeeping,” according to county auditor Kent Reeves.

The court approved the consent agenda, which included bills for $76,578.79, payroll of $48,252.99 and payroll payables of $39,558.57. They approved the bond and deputation for reserve deputy sheriff William Joseph Koch and a building use request by the Lone Star Iris Society for the back parking lot of the annex on Saturday, Oct. 28.

In regard to Vista Mountain Wind LLC tax abatement, Hamilton County judge Mark Tynes stated, “We are still waiting for a completed application for Vista Mountain Wind LLC. We have received an application but it didn’t satisfy every part of our policy and we are waiting for a final application.

“This project is unique in that most applications are for a piece of property that a business will be built on, and this project is not like that. They have not submitted an application that would satisfy the area involved.

“Until that information is offered to us, we cannot move forward until that has been satisfied. At this point in time, we are waiting. There is not an expiration date to my knowledge.

“Our policy does not specifically state it has to be within a certain time period. We will continue to discuss as necessary all areas of the consideration for an abatement.”

Commissioner Dickie Clary said there is no need to have this on agenda unless the court gets a completed application.

“I am trying to present this as a tool so that I can adjudicate this issue,” Clary said.

“We are going to sit up here and individually make a decision on what would be the proper response to an application. My decision will be based on the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This is part of my due diligence to look at facts, and in my mind, these facts speak more directly than multiple biased opinions.”

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