Hamilton County Sheriff Justin Caraway last week took an HIV-infected child predator out of action in Evant.

Caraway, posing as 15-year-old “Kayla” on a smartphone dating app, was contacted by username Lamarcus from Corsicana.

Lamarcus engaged Kayla in conversation and was told she was 15. He said they could be friends and gave her his phone number, 903-493-2227.

Caraway conducted a search on the number via Whooster Plus, a law enforcement text search engine, and found Lamarcus Owen of Corsicana. He did a Facebook search and found the same subject as viewed on the smartphone dating application.

Caraway and Lamarcus texted from Friday through Monday, Aug. 4-8, during which time Lamarcus sent multiple pornographic photographs of himself as well as sexually explicit text messages of acts he wanted to perform with the girl he knew to be 15 years old.

On Monday, Lamarcus traveled from Corsicana to Evant in a gray Dodge Neon, where he was to meet Kayla at the Elk Stop Convenience Store at 5:30 p.m. He told Kayla he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her. He was informed three times that she was 15 years old, Caraway said.

Caraway conducted a search inquiry via the Texas DPS Online Image Retrieval System for the name Lamarcus Owen, black male, of Corsicana, and found one person in Corsicana with that name. He viewed the Texas Driver's License photograph and found it was of the same man he found on Facebook and the dating application.  

Upon his arrival, Lamarcus was taken into custody by HCSO deputies.

During the arrest, Owen was found with condoms, multiple individually packaged baggies of marijuana and prescription medications, which were found to be for the treatment of HIV.

During the course of a custodial interview, Owen admitted to being infected with HIV and traveling to the location to meet the child, Caraway said. 

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