Hamilton City Council last Thursday approved an ordinance establishing an annual residential bulk waste service fee.

City Administrator Pete Kampfer told the council that the fee is needed to cover the expenses of the city solid waste fund for the service and maintenance of the bulk waste facility at 1099 E. SH 22 in Hamilton.

“It is for the general welfare, public health and safety of the residents of the City of Hamilton that we provide adequate community bulk waste disposal of exhausted residential furniture, yard debris and other non-hazardous bulk waste items,” Kampfer said.

When the city began providing the bulk waste service, two roll-off dumpsters were provided free by the waste company, and the service was offered twice a month to city residents at no charge. However, the city now requires four dumpsters per month to meet the growing demand for the service at a cost of $2000 per additional dumpster.

“It has outgrown its capacity,” Kampfer said. “We’ve probably doubled in tonnage in the past year. That’s a compliment to the residents that it isn’t left abandoned at residences, but the cost has been fairly excessive.

“It was originally a courtesy, but is now in excess of the original plan. It’s an unintended expense at this time. We are way out of budget already and only halfway through the year.

“The tonnage has exceeded what we have budgeted,” he said. “There also have been instances where someone dumping does not have an established account in the city.”

The bulk debris sticker will be available at City Hall with a $10 per year service fee and will clarify who can use the service, Kampfer said. Also, loads will be limited to the size of a standard pickup bed, although residents can purchase stickers for additional vehicles and be allowed to dispose of more debris.

“Ten dollars per year is pretty inexpensive,” he said. “When a resident gets the permit, he will also get the rules; if a person has a sticker, he is allowed to dump.”

“What happens when someone shows up with a 16-foot trailer full of building material and wood scraps?” asked councilman Ray Riley, who routinely volunteers at the facility.

“A city employee will be there to tell them it is in excess of the permit,” Kampfer said. “When they get their permit, they get the rules, so everyone will know what’s allowed and what is not.”

Acceptable items for bulk waste drop off will include furniture and bulky household items such as sinks, mattresses, hot water heaters and appliances; tree limbs no longer than six feet; carpet cut into strips no more than four feet, tightly rolled and tied; and construction material such as drywall and lumber less than four feet in length, a pile no more than 8’Lx5’Wx4’H or about the size of the bed of a pickup.

Unacceptable items include regular household garbage or waste; tires; batteries; auto parts; pressurized tanks; liquids, oils or paints; TVs and computers; refrigerant items such as refrigerators and AC units; and hazardous materials.

The facility, as well as the Hamilton Recycling Center on South Highway 281, is open the first Wednesday of each month from 1 to 4:30 p.m. and the third Saturday of each month from 8 a.m. to noon. For more information, call City Hall at 254-386-8116.

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