By Caleb Shaffer


We are 15 days away from opening day of dove season here in Hamilton County, which means it’s about time to break out the birdshot, buy a new hunting license and prepare for a bountiful season.

By Maria Weaver


Hamilton City Council last Thursday called for public hearings on the proposed budget and tax rate for 2017-18, approved lease agreements with two civic organizations and heard reports from two governing bodies.

By Maria Weaver


There’s a bandit making off with the goods at the Hamilton County Treasurer’s office.

A furtive furry creature has been prowling the halls and offices of Hamilton County Courthouse for two months, wreaking chaos and foiling every attempt at its capture.

By Maria Weaver


Have you ever wondered what the folks back in 1918 thought the last time there was a total eclipse in this country?

No TV, certainly no internet. Just darkness in the middle of the day.

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