By Maria Weaver


I lost five pounds last Wednesday.

It reminded me of a line from “The Devil Wears Prada,” which coincidentally came on while I was sick, where the character says she is “one stomach bug away” from her goal weight.

Five pounds didn’t put me anywhere near my goal weight, and I don’t recommend this method to anyone.


Two weeks ago, Little Red told her teachers that we would be coming to take pictures in her class. However, she neglected to tell us that she had booked us for this task.

One day she finally asked us when we were coming, and it was total news to us that she had promised our services.

We got it all worked out though, and her mom shot some excellent photos of her and her classmates with their new baby chicks.

That afternoon she was at the office and practicing her telephone skills. She’s getting pretty good at it, and we might even let her go “live” a little this summer.

She got bored with telephone etiquette and wanted to do something else, so I told her to write a story.

“About what?”

“How about your chickens?”

And that’s how Little Red got her first byline in last week’s edition. She wrote it all by herself, and we were very proud of her!


Shoutout to Ronny and Sharla Wenzel and friends who served Valentines lunch to a group of single ladies at the Rolling Pin.

We always hear from these ladies how nice this luncheon is, with exceptional cooking by the Wenzels and Ann Patton and valet and cleanup service by members of the Rock House Lodge.


Just wondering?  Has anyone missed anything on the square?

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